The Company account page

Permission level:  Creator and above

The Company account page displays key information regarding your QMS. Only users with Creator permission and above can view this page.

To view the Company account page, click on your account name located on the top right of your screen and select 'Company account'


The Company account page displays the following information:

  • Company name - This is the name of your system. This name appears on your login screen and on the Contacts register. Contact Help Desk if you require changes to your system name. 
  • User Licences - This tile displays the number of licences you have purchased for your system. (Note:  Administrator licences are free and don't count towards your allocated licence count
  • Contacts - This tile displays the system administrators in your platform
  • Registers - This tile displays all available registers and those which are activated in your system.
  • Standards - This tile displays all available standards and those which are activated in your system.


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