Recommended browsers for using the LOGIQC QMS

What browser should I use when using the LOGIQC QMS?

LOGIQC recommends the following browsers when using the LOGIQC QMS platform:


Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Microsoft Edge


Apple Safari (v10 or higher)

Can I use Internet Explorer (IE) when using the LOGIQC QMS?

LOGIQC does not advise the use of Internet Explorer when using the LOGIQC QMS platform.


Microsoft no longer provides full software support for Internet Explorer and does not recommend it for use as a default browser.  Microsoft recommends its use as a 'compatibility solution' when running older web based software platforms.  Microsoft Edge has now superseded Internet Explorer as their default browser.

What happens if I continue to use Internet Explorer when using the LOGQIC QMS?

For users of LOGIQC QMS v5, there will be little impact when using the platform.  

For users of the new LOGIQC QMS v6 platform, there will be some features that don't function as designed.  This is due to the fact that Internet Explorer cannot process newer coding methodologies that many current web platforms run on.  By adopting the latest coding methodologies and frameworks, LOGIQC ensures higher security, greater system integrity and an enhanced user experience.

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