LOGIQC QMS v6 Customisation of new menu options

Migrating to the new platform is easy. We will take your existing system offline for a few hours, transfer all the data, and then return the new platform online ready for use. All data, documents and tasks will be transferred and returned exactly as they were in your v5 system.

Apart from preparing your organisation for the change, the only thing you need to do is to review the new menus included in the v6 platform and recommended default menu label options and advise us if you want changes. If the default options look right for your organisation, you can always run with them and make changes later as people start to use the system.

The new menus in the v6 platform are designed to make the platform easier to use and to provide better reporting capability. This form describes each of these new menus and lists the default menu label options that will be created. The new menus are:

  1. Repair type (Repairs register)
  2. Repair location (Repairs register)
  3. Asset (Repairs register and Incidents register)
  4. Incident location (Incidents register)
  5. System failure type (Improvement register)
  6. Risk criteria (Risk register)
  7. SAC criteria (Reporting registers)
  8. SAC rating action (Reporting registers)
  9. Risk Criterion
  10. Assessment results for SAC

Download this template and review each of the menus in this document and the recommended default menu label options and let us know if you would like any changes made before we build your new v6 platform.

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