How to manage an assessment details form

To assist organisations with the build of their Accreditation Module, LOGIQC will pre-populate the Accreditation Details Forms with content based on the Standards you purchase. You will still need to refer to your copy of the specific Standards for full details of the Standard requirements, appendices and any other information provided as part of the Standard requirements.

The content provided in these drafted details forms can be modified to suit your organisations specific operating environment.

Opening the Accreditation details form

  • Click on registers and select accreditation
  • Click on the draft tab
  • Click on the title of one of the Standard requirement draft details form


The details of the Standard will be pre-populated in the Accreditation details form.

The titles of each field will vary to suit the specific standards you are managing.

Completing the Accreditation details form



Completing the 'Assessment details form' as part of the Accreditation details form


The specific assessment requirements for the Standard will be displayed below with a reference ID and description. In some cases, the “How the requirements are met” field will be pre-populated based on an example of how to meet this requirement.

This field is editable, and the information we have provided is an example only. You will need to modify this information in order to reflect the specific ways in which your organisation meets these requirements.


To complete the Assessment details form, click the “Edit” button on the right-hand side of assessment item.

This will open the specific “Assessment details form”.


The relevant details of the Standards will be pre-populated in the Assessment details form.  

Note: The titles of these fields will vary to suit the specific Standard you are managing.


In ‘How the requirements are met’ field you need to describe how your organisation meets the requirements of this assessment item.  This field may be pre-populated with an example of how the requirements could be met.

This information is an example only and needs to be modified to reflect how your organisation specifically meets the Standards.  


Items in the other LOGIQC registers that have been activated in your system can be linked to the Standard as evidence of compliance with the Standard. 

Click into each field and LOGIQC will list the items from the respective register. For example, when you click on the field titled “Documents”, you will be provided with a list of all approved documents on the Document Register. 

To select the evidence, you want to link to the Standard, simply click the item and it will be added as a link.  


Assess the extent your organisation complies with the Standard: met, part met, not met and not applicable.


To save the Assessment Details Form, click ‘Save’. This will take you back to the Accreditation Details Form.


Based on the self-assessment of each of the Assessment Details Forms, select the overall score for the Standard requirement.


If there are incident types and feedback categories that relate to meeting this Standard, they can be linked to the Standard via this field. 

When incidents or feedback are reported, and these incident types / feedback categories are selected, details of these reports will appear as part of the Evidence Report of your organisation meets the Standard. This is useful when you want to demonstrate that you receive positive feedback, for example, in relation to access to care. Or when you need to demonstrate that how you respond to and manage types of incidents.


Select the person who is responsible for managing compliance with this Standard.


Select the person who has the authority to approve the Standard to be published ton the Accreditation Module.


Select the meeting responsible for oversight of compliance with this Standard.


Enter the date when the Standard is to be reviewed in the future.


Adding actions to further comply with the requirements of the standard


If your organisation needs to take further action in order to meet the requirements of the Standard, details of the action can be added here, which will be collated into a single Accreditation Action Plan, with all actions across all of the Standards. 

Note: The “Accreditation Action Plan” which will provide details of action to be taken to meet the Standards, appears on a separate tab in the Accreditation Module.

 Saving the Accreditation Details Form


  • The Delete Draft option will delete the draft Accreditation Details Form including the assessment forms.
  •  The Save Draft option will allow you to save your progress in completing the Accreditation Details Form. The Accreditation Details Form will remain in the draft tab.

Note: The user fields within the form cannot be completed when saving the form as draft. This includes: Quality Manager, Approval Officer, Review Officer, or the action office and due date for an added action task.

  •  The Cancel option will not save any changes you may have made. The Accreditation Details Form will remain in the draft tab. 
  • The Save option will allow you to publish the Accreditation Details Form. The Accreditation Details Form will move to the Requirements The Assessment Details Form/s within the Accreditation Details Forms will display in the Assessment tab. A task to manage the Accreditation Details Form will be generated and allocated to the Quality Manager. 
  • The Save and Approve option will allow you to publish the Accreditation Details Form and approve the item. The Accreditation Details Form will move to the Requirements The Assessment Details Form/s within the Accreditation Details Forms will display in the Assessment tab. This form will be identified as completed and will come up for review based on the review date.
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