Record name tip: "Why can't I open attached records?"

Setting appropriate file length names for attached records

When adding a record to LOGIQC, it is worth noting standard good practice file naming rules:

  • file name should be no longer than 100 characters
  • Avoid using special characters


If the record you are attaching contains a name that exceeds this character limit, you may not be able to open the record.

Avoid long file names

When attaching records, ensure the record name has been edited to a length of less than 100 characters.  You may need to perform a 'Save As' function and rename or trim back the name of the record.

Avoid the use of special characters

Finally, you should also avoid using special characters in the record name.  Examples of special characters include:

~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ` ; < > ? , [ ] { } ' " |

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