Self-paced learning courses

About the courses

We have put together over 40 courses for all user levels to help you build your knowledge and understanding of the LOGIQC QMS platform effectively.

Courses have been designed for users of all levels:

  • Introduction courses - courses designed for all users of LOGIQC, introducing the platform and being able to perform basic functions within the platform
  • Action & Review officer courses - These courses are specific to the role of an action or review officer and cover the role expectations and functionality around the review and action of a LOGIQC item across all registers.
  • Managers & Approval officer courses - For more high level advanced users who are required to manage and approve LOGIQC items.
  • System Administrator courses - Specific courses to the person sitting in the System Administrator role of LOGQIC
  • External Auditor courses - Specific courses for auditors

Accessing the courses

Workshops can be accessed by clicking the Learning Centre button in the Help Centre or clicking here

Course structure

  • Each course contains one or more sessions and each session comprises links to 'How to' articles and an online quiz.
  • Read the recommended resource material relevant to the course you wish to complete.
  • Be sure to check for and complete any recommended prerequisite courses.
  • Sessions within courses can take between 10 to 30 minutes to complete
  • Courses can take between 15 to 60 minutes to complete


Click here to access the self-paced learning courses



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