Managing reported feedback

About this Course

This course is about managing client and other stakeholder feedback that has been reported in the LOGIQC QMS.

An organisation striving for excellence will provide high levels of customer service which includes being responsive to feedback from external stakeholders in a timely manner.

At this stage of the workflow, it is critical that the Approval Officer gives consideration to what, if any, action should be taken in response to the feedback received.

For noting: the Feedback Register is designed to record feedback from clients and other external stakeholders. Staff feedback is to be recorded on the Improvement Register. Using the Improvement Register  provides you with the opportunity to not only report an issue but also to make a recommendation as to how this issue could be could be addressed, effectively suggesting an improvement. 

Where the feedback is positive, generally no action is required and the feedback report can be closed. Be sure, however, to check all of the details on the Feedback Details Form are correct and comprehensive as these details cannot be modified or added to when the Feedback Report has been closed. 

Who should take this course:

This course is designed for all users assigned the role as 'Manager' or 'Approval Officer' in LOGIQC and is designed to cover the Feedback register and the process in managing feedback that has been reported in the LOGIQC QMS from clients and other external stakeholders.    

You'll learn how to:

  • Approve action to be taken in response to feedback that has been reported in the LOGIQC QMS
  • Request further action, where additional action beyond the first response is required
  • Close off a feedback report
  • Create a related item in LOGIQC to a feedback report, for example a related improvement in response to adverse feedback

Course expectations:

  • Complete 1 session
  • Read 1 'How to' article


  • 15 minutes per session
  • 15 minutes to complete the entire course 


Before you commence this course we recommend that you complete the following course:


Session 1 - How to approve and close a feedback item:

To complete this session, read the following article:

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this course you will have an understanding of how to undertake the following:

  • Respond to or close off feedback that has been reported in LOGIQC
  • Approve and close off action that was requested to be taken in order to manage feedback from clients and other external stakeholders

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