How to run reports in LOGIQC


This workshop provides instruction on how to work with the standard report set of the LOGIQC QMS platform

Training level: Advanced

Participants: All LOGIQC Users

Duration: 60 minutes

Number of participants 6 – 8 participants


Related on-boarding requirement:

Pre-requisite training for this workshop:

Expected Learning outcomes

Upon completion participants will gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • Current report set available in the LOGIQC QMS platform
  • Understanding and generating a snapshot report
  • Time period reporting
  • Exporting report data to Excel


LOGIQC Report sets

How to run a Snapshot report

Report types in Snapshot reports

Reported in period report

Closed in period report

Exporting register data to Excel

Full system export of data and files

Learning Resources

These are available via the LOGIQC Client Portal

  • LOGIQC QMS Setup Guide – for relevant standard or health service type
  • LOGIQC Build Workbook – for relevant standard or health service type
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