How to create a user position in LOGIQC

This article relates to creating internal user positions in LOGIQC

  • Log in as System admin
  • Go to 'System Settings' and select 'System set up'


  • Select 'Positions' from the 'System setup' drop down menu


  • Name the position in the 'Add an option' text box and select 'Add'


  • The position will appear in the position list.  Ensure the position is 'Enabled' by selecting the tick box.

Note:  To remove the position, disable the position or save the name, make the changes and select SAVE or the changes won't be applied.


Once the position has been added, it is available to be assigned to a person in the Contacts register under the 'Position' drop down menu as displayed below.



Position titles must be unique even if there are multiple positions with the same title. This is because tasks in LOGIQC are assigned to the position, not the person.

When creating multiple positions of the same name, make them unique eg Nurse 1, Nurse 2 etc.

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