How to create a meeting item

Note:  Only Admin users are able to create a meeting item.

To create a meeting item in LOGIQC

  • Go to 'System Settings' and select 'System set up'



  • Select 'Meetings' from the 'System setup' drop down menu


  • Name the meeting in the 'Add an option' text box and select ADD


  • The meeting will appear in the current list of meeting items
  • To make the meeting active, you must tick the check box in the 'enabled' column and select Save


Note:  If you change the name of a meeting you must select SAVE.

To remove a meeting, select 'remove', however the meeting cannot be removed if it is still active and in use.  It must be removed from any related register items.

  • The meeting has now been added and can be selected as a meeting in the Meetings register


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