How to action a training requirement

1. In MY TASKS, click the on the audit name link in the Description column.



2. Review the instructions and select from the task options and complete required fields (see Task options)

3. Complete the action taken field to detail the actions that you have completed. Ensure you complete all the steps. Complete additional fields if required:

Qualification description field (optional): Enter the title of the qualification or certificate received.

Training provider field (optional): Enter the company name of the training provider.


5. Complete all the field in the ATTACH RECORDS section, and click “choose file” to select and upload the related files.

The related filed, may be your completed training evaluation form and your certificate. Note: Click “Add” again to add multiple records.


6. Once you have completed the training and completed all the steps in the task, including attaching your certificate, you can click “Action complete – describe action taken”. Click “Action not complete” if you want to keep the task and return to it later. (see Task options below)

Task options


Action complete - describe action taken

Select if you have completed the task and are ready to close the task.

After saving the task will be sent to the Approval officer for approval.

Required fields:

  • Action taken

Action not complete - make a progress note

Select if you have not completed the task and you want to record a progress note.

After saving the task will remain in your task box.

Required fields:

  • Action taken field
  • Progress note
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