How to review a supplier

If you have been selected as a review officer for the review of a supplier, you will receive a task in LOGIQC to complete.

The task type will be review


If your review is sent back by the approval officer for further work, your task type will be 'Re-do review'


To review the supplier

  1. In 'My Tasks' and click on the supplier name
  2. The task will open to the 'Task options' screen
  3. Read the instructions for review
  4. Select a task option - you can click on 'See last supplier assessment' to view the last assessment performed against the supplier
  5. Add any related records to the supplier
  6. Complete the required fields 
  7. Click “Save” to complete

Note:  When reviewing a supplier, it is important to assess their performance as a supplier, not only against the set performance criteria, but also against any related items such as non-conformance items.  For more details, read the following article - How to assess a suppliers performance during review

Task options explained


Supplier review complete

Select when you have completed the supplier review according to the instructions

Required fields:

  • Tick the criteria the supplier meets criteria.PNG
  • Supplier assessment
  • Details of actions taken


Select 'Add' under 'Attach records' to add any related records to the supplier.


Task is sent to the approving officer

Review not completed - make progress note

Select when you are currently reviewing the supplier but have not completed all of the review according to the instructions

Required fields:

  • Tick the criteria the supplier meets
  • Supplier assessment

The task remains with the review officer until the option 'Supplier review complete' is selected.

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