How to manage a supplier

When managing a supplier, an approval officer will be responsible for approving or rejecting any newly added suppliers as well as approving whether a current supplier remains as an approved supplier based on their performance.

Managing a newly added supplier

When a supplier has been added into LOGIQC QMS, an approval officer will receive a LOGIQC task.  The task type is 'Approval'


  1. In My tasks click the on the supplier name link in the Description column.
  2. Review the 'Supplier details form' (scroll up from the 'Task options' window to view)
  3. Select from the task options and complete required fields.
  4. Select 'Save'

Task Options explained

Approve recommend supplier


Select if after reviewing the 'Supplier details form' you approve the recommended supplier;

Required fields

  • Due date for revision

Supplier moves to the approved suppliers tab in the Suppliers register

Reject recommended supplier and unapprove


Select this option if you decide after reviewing the 'Suppliers details form' that you do not approve the supplier being added as an approved supplier

Required fields:

  • Comments - add a reason for deciding to reject this supplier

Supplier will be moved to the unapproved tab in the Suppliers register.

Request further action


Select if you would like further review and assessment performed on the supplier

Required fields:

  • Instructions for further work - Instructions for a review officer to follow
  • Review officer
  • Re-work due date - Date you would like the review completed by

A task will be sent to the review officer to complete the review.

Managing a supplier that is up for review

When a Supplier is due for review, an 'Approve for review' task is sent to the assigned Approval Officer in their 'My Tasks'


  1. In My tasks click the on the supplier name link in the Description column.
  2. Select from the task options and complete required fields. (Click 'See details' to view the current supplier details)
  3. Select 'Save'

Task Options explained

Assign supplier to an officer for review



Select if you want to send the supplier to an officer to be reviewed.

Required fields:

  • Instructions for review officer to complete
  • Review officer
  • Due date for review (Note:  This field may be 'Re-work date for review' if this task needs to be sent back to the review officer for further assessment)

Task generated for Review Officer.

Remove supplier from approved suppliers list


Select if you want to remove the supplier from the register.

Required fields:

  • Supplier review date
  • Comments

Workflow terminated and supplier moved to ‘not approved’ tab.  Supplier will still be reviewed on the nominated review date.

Reschedule review to a future date


Select if you do not want the supplier to be reviewed at this time.

Required fields:

  • Supplier review date
  • Comments

Supplier remains in the approved suppliers tab on the Suppliers register with new review date


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