How to manage a risk

Once a risk is identified, it is sent to a risk manager to manage.  The task type is 'Approve for review'


To open, click on the title of the risk item.

Review the risk item

Prior to completing the task actions, you will need to review the risk item and ensure the viewing permissions set are appropriate, the related work area and meeting to monitor the task are correct and all other fields have been filled out correctly with a focus on the following:

  • Existing controls
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk mitigation actions
  • Other linkages

As a risk manager, you can adjust these settings in the details form.  To view the details, select 'See details' in your task options form or scroll up to the view the Risk details form.

Once you are happy all the details are accurate and correct, you can now go ahead and manage the risk task.

To manage the risk item

  1. When you open the risk item, the form will open at the task options screen
  2. Review the information recorded in the Risk details form - scroll up or click on 'See details form'
  3. Select your action from the task options and complete the required fields
  4. Select 'Save'

Task options explained


Risk details form completed.  Escalate risk to approval officer

Select if you want to don't want to make any further changes to the Risk details form.  The risk is now ready for approval.

Required fields:

  • Risk review date
  • Risk managers recommendations

Risk moves to the assigned Approval Officer

Assign risk to an officer for review

Select if you want to send the risk to another officer for further review prior to approval.

Required fields:

  • Instructions for review
  • Review officer
  • Due date for review

Risk moves to Review Officer.

Un-publish identified risk

Select if you do not want the risk to appear in the register.

Risk workflow terminated and risk moves to the Closed Risk tab.

Required fields:

  • Comment

Managing a risk when it comes up for review

When a Risk is up for review a 'Manage Risk' task is sent to the Task Register.

The Task options are the same with the exception of an additional option to choose.


Reschedule review to a future date

Select if you want to review the risk on a date further into the future from the original review date.

Required fields:

  • Risk review date
  • Comment


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