Reported in period report

What is the 'Reported in period' report

The 'Reported in period' report shows the incidents reported within a user defined date range in which is presented in both a bar graph and table format. The report can be exported to PDF or Excel by using the export commands in the report bar. The data is based on creation date of the item in the database. 

To run a Reported In period report

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Select from Snapshot reports - Feedback, Improvements, Repairs and Incidents or Compliance, Audits, Training and Licensing
  3. Select report type - 'Closed in Period' and click on 'View Report'
  4. You can save the report to PDF or Excel by clicking on the Save icon.


Below is an example of a bar graph of an Incident 'Reported in period' report.


This graph is also represented in table form which, when exported, can be manipulated for further reporting.


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