Closed in period report

What is a Closed In period report

The Closed In period report shows the incidents that have been closed (final approval) within the date range selected.  Use the date selection wizards to set the required date range. This report can be exported to PDF or Excel by using the export commands in the report bar.  

To run a Closed In period report

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Select from Snapshot reports - Feedback, Improvements, Repairs and Incidents or Compliance, Audits, Training and Licensing
  3. Select report type - 'Closed in Period' and click on 'View Report'
  4. You can save the report to PDF or Excel by clicking on the Save icon.


About the report

The graph below shows the items closed in the period by incident type and work area


The 'Work Area' shows a table view of all the items


The graph below shows in grey the average hours taken to respond to the incident report (approve for action) and shows in yellow the average hours taken to close items off (final approval). Performance is measured from time the item is created on the system.


The graph below shows the percentage of items actioned and approved by the due date.


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