How to schedule a licensing requirement

What is a licencing item in LOGIQC

The Licensing register in LOGIQC ensures staff, supplier and contractor credentials are checked as required.

In the Licensing registers users can:

  • Schedule credential and licence checks for staff and others.
  • Upload and store related certificates and other records.

Adding a licencing requirement

Click on registers and select License register

  • Click add.
  • Complete the required fields
  • Select 'Save' or 'Save as draft'

Note: If the 'Draft forms' feature is activated in your system you will have a 'Save as draft' option. Selecting this option will place the item in the Draft tab and an action to complete the task will not be created. Action or Approval officers cannot be assigned if saving the form as a draft.

Field descriptions


Credential holder type

Licensing can be scheduled for staff (users in the Staff Contacts tab in Contacts) or business contacts (individuals and companies in the Business Contacts tab in Contacts) or business contacts.


If ‘staff’ is selected above, the Allocation option will display.

Allocate licensing item to a person or position

  • Selecting ‘position’ means that the licensing task will apply to whoever is in the position.
  • Selecting ‘person’ means that when a person moves to another position their licensing task will go with them.

Note: when a user is made inactive by the system administrator, future tasks allocated to ‘person’ will be terminated

If 'Other' is selected the Action officer drop down menu will open in addition to the Credential holder/s drop down menu.


In 'Credential holder/s', select the name and click add. 

If you select and add more than one name for the licensing event, LOGIQC will create a set of licensing tasks for different people with the details specified in the initial form.

If 'Staff' is selected in the 'Credential holder type' add the Credential holders details and select Add


If the credential holder is not the Action Officer check this box and select who will be the action officer.  

Pre-set license options:

Select the name of the licence/credential check from the list. If the item you require is not is the drop down menu you can enter the name of the requirement in the New event name field. The items in the drop down menu are set by your system administrator.

New licence type

If the training type is not in the Pre-set training options, the title can be added here

Note:  Complete only one of the two above fields.

Scope of licence/credential

Enter the scope of the licence/credential for the individual.


List the instructions for what the person should do at the time of completing the task eg. submit/upload certificate. 

Related work area

Select the work area of the licensing most relates to.

Meeting to monitor task

Select the staff team meeting that is responsible for ensuring the task gets done.

Approval officer

Select the staff member has the authority to approve the task once complete. Only people with approving officer system permissions are able to approve items.


Click ‘Choose file’ to upload documentation that relates to the licensing task. This field is optional.


  • Action days:  Enter the number of days before the event that the system send a reminder to the action officer.
  • Approval days:  Enter the number of days after the licensing check that the Approving Officer has to approve and close the item.

Click on edit schedule.


Select the relevant recurrence pattern. Tip: for a 6-monthly license check, select monthly and enter ‘6’ for every six months.


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