How to send notifiable incidents

What is the Notifiable Incident feature

The Notifiable Incidents feature provides the ability to email summary reports of incidents to external agencies. They receive the report in a spreadsheet format and your LOGIQC system keeps a record of what information was sent, by whom and when. 

Notifiable Incident workflow


How do I activate the notifiable incident feature in my LOGIQC?

Contact LOGIQC to request that the notifiable incident feature is activated in your system.

Adding a notifiable incident

1. Add incident to LOGIQC by selecting ‘Add’ from the Incident Register or using the Quicklink from the Tasks page.

2. Once the incident is submitted, go to the Approve For Action form:

  1. Select ‘Assign task to staff member’ and assign the incident to yourself or the user who will prepare and/or send the report to an external agency.
  2. Select ‘yes’ to Notifiable incident.
  3. Complete the required fields. 


3. You will receive a task linking to the Action form. In the Action form, click on the ‘External report’ link.


4. An External Report will be created containing all the details of the incident. Complete any additional required fields, check/update the recipient email addresses and click ‘Send’.

5. Return to your Action form and complete the action in LOGIQC.

Additional Notes:

You can resend new notifications to external agencies anytime by clicking the External Report link in the Action or Approval Forms, including after the incident has been closed. 

Once an incident has been deemed 'Notifiable' in the system, they can be tracked via a Status report. This report lists all open notifiable incidents and displays information about due date and sent status.




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