How to add a document

Workflow of a document in LOGIQC QMS

  • Add a document - The document is created and submitted for approval
  • Approve a document - The document is reviewed by an approval officer.  The approval officer can approve the document, request further action on the submitted document or reject and unpublish the document
  • Manage a document - There are a number of stages to managing a document:
    • Phase 1:  The published document is up for review and the approval officer can delegate the document to a review officer for review, choose to unpublish the document as it is no longer relevant or change the review of the document to a later date. 
    • Phase 2:  If a document was sent to a review officer for review, the review officer will have either uploaded a new version for approval or advised that the current document is still relevant and no changes are required.  At this point the approval officer can approve the changes, request further action or reject/unpublish the document
  • Review a document - A document has been sent to a review officer from an approval officer for review.  The review officer can upload a new version for review or advise that there are no changes required to the current version of the document.  There are two types of review tasks:
    • Redo review - The approval officer has assigned a document that was sent to them for approval, but prior to approving, would like further review performed on the document
    • Review - The published document has come up for review and the approval officer has assigned the review task to a review officer to review the document

This article covers adding a document.

Adding a document

  1. Log-in under your own user profile.
  2. Click on Documents.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Complete the required fields.
  5. Click Save

Watch the demonstration video below:

Field descriptions


Next ID #

The document ID# is system generated. It shows the document number that QC will assign to the document. This number should also be added to the footer of the document to ensure good document control when a document is printed out. 

Document name

Enter a brief title for the document. This is the title that staff will see on the register so the title should be short and descriptive


Select the most relevant category for the document. The options can be controlled by your System Administrator.


Enter the standard criterion number relating to the document. This will allow for documents to be found based on the clause number in the standard by using the keyword search function.

Viewing Permissions - Roles

Selecting a restriction level will mean that only users with those permission levels can see the record. To see the permission levels assigned to users, go to contacts/staff contacts and click export.


We recommend the name of the authoring organisation is entered eg. name of your practice.

Consultation with staff on document content

Select yes, if applicable, and note brief details of any consultation with relevant staff.

Next review date

Enter a date for when the document should be reviewed. As a rule of thumb documents that are critical, used often and tend to change should be reviewed at least every six months. Documents that don’t tend to change often could be reviewed at 12 or 24 month intervals.

Initial version number

Enter the current version number of the document. This number will be automatically incremented when new versions are approved and cannot be changed. The field only accepts a single numeral eg. 1

Add document here

Click the browse/choose button and select and upload the document to LOGIQC.

Related work area

Select the work area of your organisation that the document most relates to. The options can be controlled by your System Administrator.

Meeting to monitor task

Select the staff team responsible for monitoring the review of the document.

Approval officer

Select the staff member to approve the document. Only people with the relevant system permissions levels are able to approve documents.


Enter any comment relevant to this document. This field is optional.

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