How to Add/Remove a general business contact


  1. Log in as yourself (your permission level must be creator or higher to add business contacts)
  2. Click on Contacts and click Add
  3. Select 'Business Contact' from Contact type
  4. Complete the relevant fields on the information form and click save.

Tip: Not all fields have to be completed. To see which fields are required, click save before entering any data.

Field descriptions


QMS User status

Select active to see the contact in the system.

Organisation name

Enter the organisation name. If the contact is not a company, simply enter their full name in this field.

ABN/NZBN & Contact reference #

These fields are optional. The ABN/NZBN is the business number of the company. The contact reference field could hold a doctor’s provider number for example.

Goods / services supplied

These fields are optional. If the contact is a supplier, we recommend that you briefly describe the goods or services purchased from them because this information will display in the suppliers register. For example, ‘Provides medical consumables’.


Primary contact person

Enter the details of the organisational contact. These fields are optional

Work address

Enter the contact’s physical address.

Postal address

Enter the contact’s postal address.

Use the checkbox to automatically complete these fields if the postal address is the same as the work address.

Contact details

Complete the contact details for the contact.

Remove a business contact

  • Go to the Contacts register and click on the contact to be removed
  • Change QMS user status to 'Inactive'.
  • Click Save


Business rules

  • Inactive contacts will be hidden from all users except the System Administrator. 
  • When a business contact is made inactive LOGIQC will terminate any related training and licensing tasks.
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