How to schedule compliance requirement

What is a compliance requirement?

The purpose of the Compliance Register is to ensure critical activities are undertaken to meet compliance obligations.

The Compliance register allows users to perform the following actions:

  • Schedule recurring tasks to manage corporate and clinical compliance.
  • Track and report on upcoming and overdue tasks.
  • Attach related reports and evidence of task completion.

Adding a compliance requirement

  1. Click on registers and select Compliance requirements.
  2. Click add.
  3. Complete the required fields.
  4. Click save.


Field descriptions

Compliance requirement

Enter the title of the compliance requirement.

Source of requirement

Select the source of the compliance requirement to be scheduled.

Source documentation

If a related document to the compliance schedule has been uploaded to the document register, select the document from the list. A hyperlink to the related document will then be provided on the action form for with the task to carry out the compliance task.


Enter the instructions for the action officer relating to how to carry out the compliance task. It is recommended that the instructions include:

  1. Details of the compliance task to be completed
  2. Requirement to upload evidence as an attached record.

Action Officer/s

Select the staff member to carry out the compliance task. You can select multiple action officers to create a separate copy of the task for each user selected.

Approval Officer

Select the staff member who has the authority to approve the compliance task once complete. Only people with approving officer system permission levels can approve items.

Related work area

Select the work area that the compliance task most relates to.

Meeting to monitor task

Select the staff team responsible for monitoring the compliance task.

Setting the Schedule


Action days

Enter the number of days the action officer will need to conduct the compliance task. This will determine how many days before the deadline the action officer will receive the task reminder.

Approval days

Enter the number of days the Approving Officer needs to check that the compliance task has been completed satisfactorily.

Click on edit schedule


Select the relevant recurrence pattern. Tip: for a 6-monthly compliance task, select monthly and enter ‘6’ for every six months.

 In ‘next occurrence end date’ select the date that the first compliance task should be approved by.

Tip: It should be the same as the date set in the recurrence pattern.

Note: If the 'Draft forms' feature is activated in your system you will have a 'Save as draft' option. Selecting this option will place the item in the Draft tab and an action to complete the task will not be created.

Action or Approval officers cannot be assigned if saving the form as a draft.




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