Using Draft forms

The Draft Forms feature adds an option to save a form as a draft before publishing it to a register. The purpose of this feature is to allow for a form to be worked on, saved, and then edited again in the future prior to publishing the item to the register. 

This feature is available on the following modules and registers:

  • Risk Module
  • Accreditation Module
  • Audit Register
  • Compliance Register
  • Training Register
  • Licensing Register

When a new item is added to any of the above registers, you will see the option to save the item as a draft.  


If the 'Save as draft' option is chosen the item with be saved to the Draft Tab:


Once a draft item has been saved, an option to delete the item also appears. 



  • When an item is saved as a draft only a small number of fields need to be completed on the form.
  • A draft form will not save if an action or approval officer has been assigned. 
  • When an item is saved as a final item on the register you will be required to complete all the required fields. 
  • Once saved as final items on the register, items cannot be re-saved as a draft.
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