How to search, filter and sort


Type a key word into the search field and click the search icon (magnifying glass icon)


The search will look for a match in the description (item title) field and display the results.

You can also search by item ID number

Search any register using the search bar drop down menu.  Select the register you want to search in and type the search word/s or item ID number (eg doc_012) and click the green search icon.


Filtering and sorting

Clicking column titles that show an underline with mouse roll-over will cause the register items to sort.


Clicking again will reverse the sort.

Columns that have a blue triangle to the right of the column title allow for register items to be filtered.  Click on the blue triangle. It will turn orange when  and reveal the categories of register items that can be selected.


Select the check boxes next to the category and click APPLY to display just the items in that category. 


The search can be exported by clicking on EXPORT.  Select the number of items in a single page you wish to view via the ITEMS PER PAGE filter.  To clear your filtered results, select UNDO FILTERS







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