Tips for successful implementation

  1. Establish a shared vision and clear reason for implementing quality systems and communicate this to staff from the Directors, CEO and senior management.

  2. Appoint a ‘super-user’ to be an expert in using the software and the ‘go-to’ person in the organisation. The first task of any implementation is to decide which member of your team will lead the project as a system champion or ‘super-user’. This may be the Accreditation Officer in your organisation or a member of staff who has the right skills and interest to perform the role.

    During the implementation process the super-user will be trained in system administration functions and will act as the main point of contact in your organisation for the 20|20 Integrated Solutions trainer and Help desk. The super-user will need to have time within their existing role to provide ongoing training and support to staff in the use of the system.

  3. Develop and implement a communication strategy to staff to explain:
    • the purpose of the system and what it should be used for
    • how to access support to use the system
    • how the system will benefit the organisation and its clients

  4. Consider establishing a project group chaired by a management representative to oversee the implementation of the system.

  5. Develop a project plan for the implementation of the system and a training program for staff.
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