How to approve a record

  1. Log-in under your own user profile.
  2. In My Tasks click on the name of the record in the description field
  3. LOGIQC will open the record approval task form to complete.

Select from the task options which approval action you would like to take. Each task option is explored in more detail below.

Task options


Task Options

Approve recommended record

Select if you want to approve the record and allow it to appear on the register. 

The due date for revision must be in the future

Reject recommended record and un-publish

Select if you do not want the record to appear on the register.

This will move the record directly to the Un-published tab.

Required fields

  • Comments

Request further action

Select if you want to send the record to another officer for further review prior to approval.

The Instructions for action officer field must be completed

A date in the future must be set in the Re-work due date field 

A Review officer must be selected

Required fields:

  • Review officer
  • Re-work date
  • Instructions for additional 



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