Managing and responding to reported events


This workshop provides instruction on how to respond to reported events, for example, incidents, feedback, repairs, non-conformances and suggestions for improvement.

Training level: Advanced

Participants: All LOGIQC Users who have 'Manager' or 'Approval Officer' status in the LOGIQC QMS. 

Duration: 60 minutes


Related on-boarding requirement:

Pre-requisite training for this workshop:

Expected Learning outcomes

On completion of this course participants will have an understanding of the scope and purpose of the incident, feedback, repairs and improvement registers and how to:

  • Request action to be taken in response to a reported event
  • Apply restricted access to a reported event - only applicable to an incident and feedback
  • Upload records related to managing an event
  • Assess the level of risk of the event using the Risk Wizard or where the Risk Module has been activated, link an event to an identified risk 
  • Request additional action beyond the first response, and or change the instructions of what action is to be taken
  • Approve action that has been taken and close the reported event
  • Generate a related improvement in the system to avoid or reduce the same or a similar event occurring again in the future
  • Read the system event history to understand how the event has been managed
  • Sort, filter and search the Incident, Feedback, Repairs and Improvement Registers
  • Generate trend reports on incident and feedback that have been closed in the past


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