How to schedule a meeting

What is a meeting in LOGIQC?

All register items are linked to meetings in LOGIQC.  When a register item is added, the user must select the relevant meeting that relates to the item.  This is a mandatory field.  The purpose of adding a meeting to an item is to track progress and review the item.  Items will be added to the meetings agenda.

Meetings are added into LOGIQC by the System administrator.

For more details refer to article:  How to create a meeting item

Scheduling a meeting


  1. Select Meetings from the main menu to open up the Meetings Register
  2. Click 'Add' (all users with permission levels of creator of higher can schedule meetings).
  3. Complete the required fields.

Field descriptions


Select a meeting

Use the 'Select a meeting' menu to select a meeting from the list. (Meetings are added by the administrator)

Meeting participants

Select a meeting participant and click add participant. Only system users can be participants in meetings.

Select the chair of the meeting from the meeting chair list.

Meeting time

In the reminder (days) field set how many days prior to the meeting the participants should receive a task and email reminder to attend the meeting.

Click edit schedule and complete the fields to program the meeting time and recurrence pattern


Recurrence pattern

Select the frequency of the meeting. Tip - to program a six-monthly meeting select monthly and then specify every 6 months.

Appointment time

Time format - for a 1pm meeting enter either 1:00pm or the 24-hour format 13:00.

Recurrence range

  • Next occurrence end date - is the date of the next meeting.
  • No end - means LOGIQC will continue to generate meetings until halted
  • End after (x) - runs means meetings will stop being generated after the specified number of meetings have occurred
  • End after (date) - means meetings will stop being generated after the specified date
  • Halt schedule - This should be selected when you want to terminate an existing meeting. It means that no further meetings will be generated after the current one is completed.



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