How to use the Quality Agenda Items report

What is the Quality Agenda Items report

Each meeting contains  Quality agenda items relevant to the meeting type.  These are located in the 'Meeting report' tab on an open meeting item. 

Agenda items for the meeting are automatically added when the meeting is assigned to an item in the system (eg document, audit, incident etc).

The only way to add new items to an agenda is to create them in a register and assign to the relevant meeting.

For example, a new improvement suggestion could be added in the Improvement Register and assigned to a meeting for review.  

The report shows all current tasks relating to a team or staff group as well as those that are coming up and those that have been closed in the last 30 days.

How to use the Quality Agenda Items report


  1. Select Meetings from the main menu to open up the Meetings Register
  2. Click on the 'Meeting name' link
  3. Select the 'Meeting report' tab
  4. Tasks due up to 365 days in the future can be seen by adjusting the 'SEE LAST & NEXT' drop down field (not available at the 'staff' permission level). 

Use this report to monitor tasks that need to be actioned. Click on the ID# hyperlink to go directly to the task. 


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