Adding suppliers


This workshop provides instruction on how to add and assess an Approved Supplier.

Training level: Intermediate

Participants: All LOGIQC users who have “staff” status or higher permission level in the system

Duration: 30 minutes


Related on-boarding requirement:

  • Determining scope of content in LOGIQC
  • Business rules for managing LOGIQC
  • Reporting pathways in LOGIQC

Pre-requisite training for this workshop:

Additional Information for Trainers

  • When scheduling this training session, participants should be advised of any pre-requisite training required prior to attending this learning session.
  • Trainer must verbally present the background and set the scene around the expected learning outcomes for this session.
  • Trainer to prepare for demonstrating key tasks to participants.


The Suppliers register supports the organisation's effective governance by establishing clear operating principles in relation to approved suppliers.

Expected Learning outcomes

Upon completion participants will gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • Understanding of the purpose of the Approved Suppliers Register
  • Understanding of the type of suppliers that need to be managed through the Approved Suppliers Register
  • How to add and assess a supplier’s performance


How to add a Business Contact

How to add a supplier

Learning Resources

  • LOGIQC QMS Setup Guide – for relevant standard or health service type
  • LOGIQC Build Workbook – for relevant standard or health service type


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