How to review an accreditation requirement

In reviewing an accreditation requirement, the following steps are recommended:

- Refer to the Evidence Report for each of the assessment items within the Accreditation Details Form.  

  1. Assess to what extent the evidence is compliant based on the status
  2. Where reported items are linked (incidents, feedback, non-conformance's, repairs), open the item to gain an understanding of the organisation’s response and management of the item
  3. Review the status of the Accreditation Action Plan tasks

- Based on the information gained through the review of the Evidence Report

  1. Review the individual Assessment Details Forms to ensure they are accurate and revise, if required. Specifically, review the “How the requirements are met” field and the linked evidence. Link additional evidence if required and update the assessment status.
  2. Review the linkages with incident types and feedback categories and revise, if required
  3. Review the overall status of meeting the requirements and update, if required
  4. Add additional accreditation action tasks to better comply with and meet the assessment requirements, if required
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