How to navigate through the Accreditation Module

The search bar allows the user to search for Standard requirements based on the requirement description or the ID# of the ADF.


The Standard requirements in the register view are displayed in order based on the reference number of the Standard requirement by default. The column titles allow the user to click on the title of the column to sort the content in alphabetical or numerical order based on that column.

E.g. Click on the “Accreditation requirement” title in the third column to sort the Standard requirements in alphabetical order. Clicking again will reverse the sort order.


The column filters are displayed as small blue triangles on the left hand-side of some of the register columns and enable the user to select options from that column to be filtered.

E.g. Click on the blue triangle in the “Self-assessment” column to select one or more options from the list, then click apply.


The advanced filters option sits above the Accreditation Module tabs and can be used to apply a range of filters to enable different views or ad-hoc reports based on data within the details forms of the Standard requirements. E.g. Click on the word “Advanced filters” to display the advanced filter options. Use the drop-down menus to select one or more filters then click apply


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