Accreditation module tabs

To access the Accreditation Module, you will need to select “accreditation” from the registers heading. 

There are 7 ‘tabs’ along the top of the Accreditation Module:


  • The Requirements tab displays the Standard requirements currently published in the LOGIQC QMS.
  • The Assessment tab displays individual assessment forms that are assessed as part of meeting the requirements.
  • The Accreditation Action Plan tab displays a current list of actions that are in place to further meet the requirements of the Standards.
  • The Evidence Report tab displays a report for each assessment indicator displaying the evidence and examples linked from other registers within the LOGIQC QMS to the Standard requirements at the assessment level. This report displays the status of the evidence and a direct link open and view the full details of each example of evidence.
  • The Workflow tab displays the list of Accreditation Details Forms at the requirements level with information as to where in the workflow the Standard requirement is currently in and the allocation of responsibility of that task.
  • The Draft tab displays the drafted Accreditation Details Forms at the requirements level. These details forms will not generate tasks and are not part of the workflow until they are saved and published to the requirements tab.
  • The Unpublished tab displays requirements that have been unpublished and are no longer required to be managed or maintained within the Accreditation Module.
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