How to manage an incident

If you have been assigned the role of approval officer for an incident, you will receive task in LOGIQC to manage the recorded incident.  The task type will be 'Approve for Action'.


To open, click on the title of the incident item

Review the Incident details

Prior to completing the task actions, you will need to review the incident details and ensure the viewing permissions set are appropriate, the related work area and meeting to monitor the task are correct and all other fields have been filled out correctly.  As an approving officer, you can adjust these settings in the details form.  To view the details, select 'See details' in your task options form or scroll up to the view the Incident details form.

Once you are happy all the details are accurate and correct, you can now go ahead and manage the Incident task.

Tip:  You can create a related improvement as a result of the reported incident.

See - How to create a related item

Managing the Incident task

  1. When you open the Incident task, the form will open at the task options screen
  2. Select your action from the task options and complete the required fields
  3. Select 'Save'

Task options explained

Assign task to a staff member


Select if you want to assign a task to be completed in relation to managing the incident.

After saving a task will be sent to the Action officer.

Required fields:

  • Action to be taken - describe what actions you require the assigned action officer to complete
  • Action officer
  • Due date for action
  • Notifiable incident
  • Level of risk

Record action taken and close off item


Select to record action taken by yourself and close the item without delegating any further action. 

The Action to be taken field will change to Action taken.

After saving, the item will move to the 'Closed' tab.

Required fields:

  • Action taken
  • Instructions for additional action 
  • Notifiable incident
  • Level of risk

Close off item with comment


Select if no further action required.

After saving, the item will move to the 'Closed' tab.

Required fields:

  • Comment
  • Notifiable incident
  • Level of risk

Additional fields

Notifiable incident:

This selection allows you to identify if the incident requires reporting to an external agency. This selection can be searched on using the Advanced Filters feature.  

Level of risk to the organisation if no action taken:

This selection helps to identify if action should be taken and with what priority. High and extreme risks should be addressed with specific actions. 

Risk wizard:

Click on the Risk Wizard link to open an MS Excel spreadsheet which allows you to rate the level of risk associated with the issue. You can save this document to your computer but it will not automatically be connected to the Improvement item in LOGIQC.

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