How to close a feedback item

Feedback items can be closed off at the first stage of the workflow by an approval officer, if no further action is required.

However, the approval officer can also decide that additional work is required and can assign a feedback task to an action officer.  This is covered in the article, How to manage feedback (see 'Assign task to a staff member').

In this particular article we will discuss reviewing and approving all actions taken on a feedback task and then closing off the feedback item.

Approving a completed feedback item

Once all the required actions have been completed on a feedback item, the task is sent to the approval officer for final review before closing.  The task type will be 'Approval'.


To open, click on the title of the feedback item.

Approving a feedback item

  1. When you open the feedback item, the form will open at the task options screen.
  2. Select the appropriate task options and complete the required fields
  3. Select 'Save'

The approval officer has the option to approve the actions already taken and close, assign further additional actions, or approve and create a related item, such as an Improvement.

Note: To view the details of the feedback item, scroll up to the 'Feedback details form'.   An approving officer,  can adjust the settings in the details form to ensure the viewing permissions set are appropriate, the related work area and meeting to monitor the task are correct and all other fields have been filled out correctly.

Task options explained

Approve actions and close off


Select if you are satisfied with the work done by the action officer. (Click on 'See actions taken' to review the work carried out - see demonstration below)


After saving, the item will move to the 'Closed' tab on the Feedback register.

Required fields:

  • Complainant Determination - If the feedback item is a complaint the appropriate option must be selected.

Assign additional action


Select if you require further work done on this task.

After saving, the task will be sent to the assigned action officer.

Required fields:

  • Reason for additional action
  • Instructions for additional action
  • Action officer
  • Due date for additional action

Approve actions and create system improvement


Select if you want to approve and close the item and create a related improvement or non-conformance report. 

After saving, the item will move to the 'Closed' tab and a new Improvement item will be created with a link to the feedback item.  

Required fields

  • None

Closing off a feedback item

It is important to note, closing off a feedback item closes the record, so it is important to ensure all the details in the feedback details form are correct and any actions taken have been recorded accurately.  So before any actions that will close the task are saved, the approval officer should have a final review of the feedback item and all actions taken, as outlined in the steps above.

Final notes:

If you select 'Approve actions and close off', the feedback item is closed off and cannot be changed.

If the approval officer has requested additional action, the item will be passed on to the assigned action officer to complete.  Once they have completed the actions and the approval officer is satisfied with all actions, taken, they can approve and close.  Once the item is closed, it cannot be changed

Approving actions and creating a system improvement also closes the feedback item and the record cannot be changed.


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