How to report feedback

What is a feedback record

The purpose of the Feedback register is to ensure customer/client feedback and complaints are reported and managed effectively in accordance with operational requirements. 

The Feedback register provides

  • Online reporting of complaints and feedback reporting
  • The ability to delegate and track actions to respond to complaints.
  • The functionality to upload related documentation and create related improvements

Adding a feedback or complaints record

  1. Log-in under your own user profile.
  2. Click on the registers drop down menu and select 'Feedback'
  3. Select 'Add' to open a new feedback details form
  4. Complete the required fields (refer to Field Descriptions for more information)
  5. Select 'Save'


Field descriptions


Feedback type

Select the type of feedback being reported from the drop-down menu.

Feedback source

Select the source that best describes where the feedback came from. 

Feedback category

Select the feedback category that is most relevant to the feedback received. 

Date and time received

Specify the date and time that the feedback was received.



Selecting a restriction level will mean that only users with those permission levels can see the feedback. To see the permission levels assigned to users, go to 'contacts/staff contacts' and click export.

Feedback details

Enter a summary to describe the nature and details of the feedback received.

Details of person giving feedback

Client ID - If applicable, enter a reference number associated with client or patient related to the feedback. 

Note: This field is optional.

Name & address details - Specify the contact details of the person providing feedback if appropriate and required.

Note: The name field is required. 

Immediate action taken

A summary of any immediate response or action taken regarding the feedback or complaint.


Related work area

Select the work area of your organisation that the feedback most relates to. 

Meeting to monitor task

Select the staff team meeting that is responsible for ensuring the feedback is reviewed or responded to.

Approval officer

Select a staff member to review and manage the feedback recorded and determine if further action is required.

Note: Only people with the relevant system permissions levels are able to approve and manage feedback items.


Enter an additional comment relevant to this feedback item.

Note: This field is optional.

Send notification email to staff

Select individual staff members for LOGIQC to send an email to notify them of the feedback you have received. This field may be used to notify other person/s involved, managers etc. 

Note: This field is optional.


Click 'Add' to attach documents, photos or any other files relevant to the feedback.


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