How to create a hyperlink to a LOGIQC QMS Document

To create a hyperlink to link to a LOGIQC document:

  • Log in to your LOGIQC QMS
  • Open the LOGIQC document details form from the Document Register by clicking on the document title, not the document file link.


  • When the document details screen opens, select the full URL address in your web browser and copy it (Right click 'copy' or CTRL C on you keyboard)


  • Paste the hyperlink to your preferred location or document


  • Right-click on the hyperlink and select Edit Hyperlink


  • In the 'Text to display' field,  type the name you would like the hyperlink to appear as in your location or document. 


  • The hyperlink will then display as the text you chose.


  • Click on the hyperlink to be automatically taken to the LOGIQC document details form. 

Note:  If you are not logged in to LOGIQC QMS, you will need to log in before you will be taken to the Document details form in the Document register.  This is to ensure that users who do not have access to the LOGIQC QMS cannot access these details.


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