How to add a contract

What is a contract

The Contract register helps you manage contractual relationships and associated compliance requirements. 

In the Contract register you can:

  • Maintain a library of contracts such as supplier, funding, and employment contracts
  • Receive reminders about and delegate tasks for contract review and renewal
  • Link tasks to contracts to manage reporting or other compliance obligations.

Add a contract

  1. Click on contracts.
  2. Click add.
  3. Complete the required fields.
  4. Click Save


Field descriptions

Contract details


Contract title

Enter a brief title for the contract. This is the title that staff will see on the register so the title should be short and descriptive.

Contract number

Enter internal contract number/ID (LOGIQC will also allocate a Contract ID#)

Contract purpose

Enter a brief description of what the contract is for.


Select the most relevant category for the contract.


This field can be used for a reference number relating to the contract. 

Other party

Select the other party from the drop down list of available contacts from the contract register or select 'Other party is not a contact' and manually enter their name. 

Contract value

Enter the total value of the contract

Viewing permissions



Selecting a restriction level will mean that only users with those permission levels can see the contract. 

To see the permission levels assigned to users, go to contacts/staff contacts and click export.


We recommend the name of the authoring organisation is entered eg. name of your practice.

Contract state date

Enter the date the contract commenced.

Contract expiry date

Enter the date the contract will expire. If the contract does not have an expiry date, select the 'No expiry date' check box.

Contract review date

Enter the date the contract should be reviewed. LOGIQC will automatically notify the Contract Manager that the contract is approaching expiry, (reminder days can be set in System Setup).

Related items & parties


Related work area

Select the work area of your organisation that the contract most relates to. The options can be controlled by your System Administrator.

Meeting to monitor task

Select the staff team responsible for monitoring the review of the contract.

Contract Manager

Select the staff member to manage the contract. Only people with the relevant system permissions are able to approve contracts.

Approval Officer

Select the staff member to approve the contract. Only people with the relevant system permissions are able to approve contracts.

Sub programs

Click the Add button to list sub programs to the contract.


Enter the program name and select a manager from the drop-down list. You can add multiple sub programs by clicking the add button again.

This field is optional.


Enter any comment relevant to this document that would be useful for the system to record. This field is optional.

Add details


Initial version number

Enter the current version number of the contract. This number will be automatically incremented when new versions are approved and cannot be changed.

The field only accepts a single numeral eg. 1

Add contract here

Click the browse/choose button and select and upload the contract to LOGIQC.

Attach Records

Allows you to add any related records to the contract

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