How to add a user who is filling an existing position

This article explains how to add a user to an exiting position within your organisation.  For example if you are adding a person to the existing position of Practice Manager.

1. Log in as administrator and select 'Contacts'

2. If the previous holder of the position to be allocated to the new user has left the organisation, make their user profile 'inactive'

3. Complete the 'Contacts details' form referring to the descriptions for each field below

4. Click 'Save'

Field descriptions

QMS User status
Select active to enable the user to log in. When a user leaves the organisation, their status should be set to inactive.

Select the person’s preferred title and enter their family and given name.

Position & work area
Select the position title of the staff member. A user must have a position to receive tasks. 

Select the work area and position relevant to the person.

Contact details
Enter the contact details for the staff member. All users can see these details.

Required fields are:

  • Telephone OR mobile number
  • Email

User permission level
Specify the user’s system permissions.

Enter a username for logging on to the system eg firstname.lastname. It may be useful to use the same naming convention as the user network login account.

Staff you manage
If the user has a 'Manager' permission level or higher, and they have staff who report to them, select the name of each staff member who reports to this position and click add.

Enter the user password for logging in. Each user can reset their own password by clicking My profile after logging in. Tip: Passwords are case sensitive.

Private calendar URL

You can add your LOGIQC calendar into your organisations email program.  You will need to generate your own unique URL address before you can set this up.  Simply click 'Generate' and your own unique URL which links to your LOGIQC calendar will be generated.

For further information around adding your LOGIQC calendar into your work calendar, see related article - 'Linking your LOGIQC calendar to your work email calendar'

Additional Notes

To log in to LOGIQC, a person must have a user profile in the staff contacts tab. The staff contacts tab displays all system users who can access the system. 

A system user is always displayed by their name and position title.


If the required position title has not been added to the system it will need to be added to the positions menu in system setup.

See article: How to create a user position in LOGIQC

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