How to action an audit

If you have been assigned the role of action officer for an improvement item, you will receive a task in LOGIQC asking you to complete the requested instructions from the assigned approval officer.

The task type will be 'Action'.


To action an audit

  1. Open the task by clicking on the audit name
  2. Review the audit instructions, select from the task options and complete required fields

Task options explained


Action complete - describe action taken

Select if you have completed the audit and are ready to close the task. (See instructions below for uploading an audit report)

Note:  If the approval officer as attached an audit tool, select 'Download Document' to view.  If there is no audit tool attached, this field will not appear.

After saving, the task will be sent to the Approval officer for approval.

Required fields:

  • Action taken

Action not complete - make progress note

Select if you have not completed the audit and you want to record a progress note.

After saving, the task will remain in your task box.

Required fields:

  • Action taken field
  • Progress note

Adding an additional progress note


If returning to a saved action form, click 'Add progress note' to make additional comments about the audit.

Upload audit report

If you have produced an audit report, go to ATTACH RECORDS and select 'Add' to upload the audit report.

  1. Click Add
  2. Type in the name of the audit report eg 'Clinical handover audit April 2019'
  3. Select access restriction (if required)
  4. Select a relevant category (your system administrator can add more categories)
  5. Click Choose file and locate your completed audit report.

Clicking save will upload the audit report and send it to the Approval Officer.


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