Managing staff and business contacts


This workshop provides instruction on how to setup LOGIQC User and business contact profiles in the QMS.

Training level: Intermediate


  • All LOGIQC users who have 'approval officer' status or higher permission level in the system

  • All LOGIQC users who have 'administrator' access to the system

Duration: 60 minutes


Related on-boarding requirement:

Pre-requisite training for this workshop:

Additional Information for Trainers

  • When scheduling this training session, participants should be advised of any pre-requisite training required prior to attending this learning session.
  • Trainer must verbally present the background and set the scene around the expected learning outcomes for this session.
  • Trainer to prepare for demonstrating key tasks to participants.


  • User profiles are required to ensure users can log in to LOGIQC. The staff contacts tab displays all system users who can access the system. 
  • Adding Business contacts to the Contact register allows quick and easy access to information.
  • Adding business contacts also creates linkages to other registers such as contracts, suppliers, licensing and training.

Expected Learning outcomes

Upon completion participants will gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • Understanding of scope and purpose of business contacts in the QMS.
  • Understanding of the range of LOGIQC User licences that can be assigned to LOGIQC users.
  • Understanding of the range of permission levels that can be assigned to LOGIQC users.
  • How to add a business contact.
  • How to create a LOGIQC User profile.
  • How to make a contact inactive.
  • How LOGIQC assigned tasks to a position not the person.
  • How to generate a report on who has accessed the QMS. 


How to add a new user to LOGIQC

How to link my team to my user profile

How to Add/Remove a general business contact 

About user permission levels 

Learning Resources

The resources below are available via the LOGIQC Client Portal

  • LOGIQC QMS Setup Guide – for relevant standard or health service type
  • LOGIQC Build Workbook – for relevant standard or health service type


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