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This workshop is the entry level training in the use of the LOGIQC QMS providing instruction on how to access and navigate the system.

Training level: Introductory

Participants: All LOGIQC Users

Duration: 60 minutes

Additional Information for Trainers

When scheduling this training session, participants should be advised of any pre-requisite training required prior to attending this learning session.
Trainer must verbally present the background and set the scene around the expected learning outcomes for this session.
Trainer to prepare for demonstrating key tasks to participants.


LOGIQC is cloud based software for managing safety, quality and risk.

It is specifically designed to support healthcare organisations to meet accreditation requirements, drive improvement and manage risk.

Expected Learning outcomes

Upon completion participants will gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • How to access and login to the system
  • How to update their profile
  • How to navigate the system, including knowledge of how to use the sort, filter and search functionality
  • How to view their past activities in the system


How to Login to LOGIQC

How to change your password

How to update your contact details

How to search, filter & sort

How to use the Quality Agenda Items report

About the Tasks register

Learning Resource

LOGIQC User Quick Start Guide





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