Accreditation module workflow

The diagram bellow outlines the workflow of the LOGIQC QMS Accreditation Module, which involves the following processes: 


Process 1      

The Accreditation Details Form (ADF) will be drafted based on the Standard requirements purchased. The form will need to be reviewed and completed in full to describe how the requirements are met, link evidence and examples of meeting the requirement, allocate the responsibility for managing the ADF and assess the status of compliance in meeting the Standard requirement.

Process 2      

ADF is sent to the Quality Manager to check that the Standard requirement has been met with evidence and examples of meeting the requirements linked to the ADF.

Process 3      

If approved by the Quality Manager, the ADF is sent to the Approving Office for sign off

Process 4      

Based on the review date set for the individual Standard requirements, the Quality Manager will be sent a task to review the ADF.

Process 5      

If required, the Quality Manager will push the Standard requirement into the “review” phase of the workflow. As part of the review the following processes will be undertaken:

  • Review the status of the Standard requirement (met, part met, not met, NA)
  • Review to what extent the linked evidence is compliant with the requirements based on the status
  • Review the individual Assessment Details Forms to ensure they are accurate and revise, if required. Specifically, reviewing the “How the requirements are met” field and the linked evidence. Link additional evidence if required and update the assessment status.
  • Review the status of the Accreditation Action Plan tasks
  • Add additional accreditation action tasks to better comply with and meet the assessment requirements
  • Review the linkages with incident types and feedback categories and revise, if required

Process 6      

Workflow returns to step 2

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