How to report an incident

What is an incident?

An incident is an event or circumstance which could have resulted, or did result, in unintended harm. It can be an unintended event that disturbs normal operations or an unplanned, undesired event that adversely affects completion of a task. Incidents range in severity from near misses to fatal accidents.

How do I add an incident?

  1. Log-in 
  2. Select Registers/Incidents
  3. Click Add
  4. Select the incident type and complete the required fields.
  5. Select 'Save' to record the incident details


Field descriptions

Incident type

Select the type of incident or hazard that is most relevant to the item being reported. 

HR Related issue

If the incident is a HR related issue select the 'Yes' radio button and the viewing permissions will be locked to only 'CEO, QM and assigned Approval Officer'


Viewing permissions

Selecting a restriction level will mean that only users with those permission levels can see the incident. To see the permission levels assigned to users, go to Contacts/staff contacts and click export.

Refer to related article:  About viewing permissions

Select the relevant roles:


Select any additional users by clicking in the Users field (Click to select users).  Select the appropriate users.

Tip:  To select multiple users click on the user field to see the list of available users and hold Ctrl down on your keyboard and select on the users you wish to add.


Important note regarding view permissions:  When assigning viewing permissions to a reported incident task, you should ensure that the viewing permissions you choose align with your own internal incident management plan.

Date and time

Specify the date and time of the incident.

Incident details

Enter a summary to describe the nature of the incident.

Client ID

If applicable, enter a reference number associated with client or patient related to the incident. Note: This field is optional.

Injury sustained

Specify if an injury was sustained as a result of the incident.  If 'yes, click on the 'Yes' radio button and additional fields will open on the Incident details form.

Add the details of the injury and the persons involved.


Damage to building or vehicles

If there was damage to vehicles or buildings, select yes by clicking on the 'Yes' radio button and additional fields will open up on the Incident details form.  Enter the item that sustained damage and the extent of damage


Location of incident

Specify and detail the location of where the incident occurred.

Person/s involved/Witnesses

List all people involved in or who were a witness to the incident.  This is key information that could be used as part of an investigation.


Immediate action taken

Describe the immediate actions that have taken place to manage the incident.

Related work area

Select the work area of your organisation that the incident most relates to.

Meeting to monitor task

Select the staff team meeting that is responsible for ensuring the incident is managed.

Approval officer

Select the staff member to review and manage the incident and determine if further action is required. Note: Only people with certain system permissions levels are able to approve and manage incidents.


Enter an additional comment relevant to this incident. Note: This field is optional.

Send notification

Select individual staff members to receive email notification about the incident you have reported. They will not receive a task, just an email with a link back to the incident.

Attach records

Click 'Add' to attach documents, photos or any other files relevant to the incident as demonstrated below.






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