Using LOGIQC for Cornerstone Annual Assessment


LOGIQC QMS comprises a range of registers where documents are stored, tasks are scheduled and issues are reported. For practices using LOGIQC QMS, much of the evidence required to support your CORNERSTONE® accreditation and Foundation certification will already be in your LOGIQC QMS.

The RNZCGP is aware that users of LOGIQC QMS may simply provide the unique LOGIQC ID# for evidence when completing the QA2QI online tool and that the practice will provide a LOGIQC login to the Assessors, either College (CORNERSTONE) or PHO assigned (Foundation) so the evidence can be examined. This means that evidence already uploaded to the practice’s LOGIQC QMS does not have to be re-uploaded to the QA2QI.

Note: Practices are advised that LOGIQC QMS does not replace the College’s QA2QI self-assessment tool, it simply becomes a source of where evidence of compliance is located.


The following diagram outlines the steps for using LOGIQC QMS with the QA2QI online tool:

What practices need to do

1. Complete the QA2QI tool using LOGIQC ID numbers

Each item in LOGIQC QMS (eg. document, audit, incident, training certificate, risk, check etc) has a unique alpha numeric identifier. For example, a complaint management policy held in LOGIQC’s document register may have an ID# of 012.  This identifier is permanently assigned to the item and will not change over time or be removed from the system. This means assessors can re-verify evidence if needed months or years after the audit.

The example below illustrates how you can reference evidence that is in your LOGIQC system in the QA2QI online tool.  

2. Activate the Lead Assessor account in LOGIQC

You can create a free user account for your Assessor or we can do it for you.

  1. Log in to your LOGIQC system as Administrator
  2. Go to Contacts and select ‘Add’
  3. Complete the fields highlighted below
  4. Click save


3. Send the LOGIQC access details to the Lead Assessor

Send access details to your your Lead Assessor (see template email here)


4.  Deactivate the Lead Assessor account in LOGIQC

Provide your Lead Assessor with access details (see template email here) and then close the account when it's no longer required. To close the account:

  1. Log in to your LOGIQC system as Administrator
  2. Go to Contacts and open the Assessor account
  3. Select 'Inactive'
  4. Click save
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