How to add a user and assign to a position

Create the position

Under Administrator Login:

  1. Create a new position title in System Set Up drop down menu for “Position”

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Under Administrator / CEO / Manager Login:

  1. Create new staff profile and assign the new staff member with the new position title
  2. Add the new staff member’s name in their manager’s profile field titled “Staff you Manage”
  3. Add the new staff member’s name to the meetings they are required to attend

Under CEO / Manager Login (Optional):

  1. Add the new staff member’s employee agreement/letter of appointment to the Contract Register
  2. Add all compliance requirements relating to the employee’s agreement as “related items” to the Contract

Details Form:

  • Mandatory training requirements to the Training Register
  • Licensing requirements to the Licensing Register
  • Professional registrations to the Licensing Register
  • Performance Appraisal requirements to the Compliance Register

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