Accreditation Evidence Report

The Evidence Report tab will provide an interactive “Evidence Report” for each assessment item for the respective Standard in the Accreditation Module.

How to view the accreditation Evidence Report

To support the assessment of meeting the Standard, the Evidence Report commences with a description of “How the requirements are met” then details the status of the evidence and examples that have been linked to the respective Assessment Details Form.

Note: In reviewing the Evidence Report, you have the option to modify the number of days the review relates to, from 30 days to Four years by adjusting the “See last & next” drop down field.

This Evidence Report provides details of the status of all items in the QMS that have been linked on the Assessment Details Form. In the following example, information is provided on a task relating to calibrating the equipment and indicates that the latest task was completed, while 3 times the task was missed. It also indicates that the task is scheduled to occur again in the following 365 day period.

How to drill through the accreditation Evidence Report

To view a particular item on the Accreditation Evidence Report, click on the ID# hyperlink to go directly to the task. You can then use the “back” button to return to the Evidence Report. This allows you to view the full details of the evidence, such as the details of actions taken, the attached records or documentation and the history of the task of when the task was completed.


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