Accreditation Action Plan

The Accreditation Action Plan section of the Accreditation Details Form allows a user to identify actions that could be completed to further comply with the requirements of the Standard.  Where applicable, the accreditation action tasks are added to the respective Assessment Details Form.  

Examples of further action that could be taken to improve compliance with a standard are:

  • Draft a procedure for responding to needle stick injuries
  • Provide training to staff on the management of the exposure to blood and other body fluids and the requirement to report all instances on the Incident Register
  • Conduct an internal audit of compliance with infection prevention and control procedures


When an accreditation action task has been added to an Accreditation Details Form, LOGIQC will advise via email the staff member assigned to complete the action. If the accreditation action task has not been signed off as completed by the due date, LOGIQC will send a reminder email, at a frequency set by the Administrator in system setup.


How to view accreditation action tasks

The accreditation action tasks are documented on the respective Accreditation Details Form. All accreditation action tasks will also be automatically listed on the Accreditation Action Plan tab within the Accreditation Module. The Accreditation Action Plan will display all action tasks relating to each Standard as well as information about the status, due date and the staff member who is required to complete the action (Action Officer). 

To view an accreditation action task, click on the description of the task in the column titled “Actions”. This will take you to the respective Accreditation Details Form that the action relates to, and will provide a full context as to why this action is required.



How to complete an accreditation action task

Click on the title of the action task. The action tasks will display at the bottom of the details form.

Click on the description of the task in the column titled “Action” from the Accreditation Action Plan tab. The Accreditation action plan appears on the bottom of the Accreditation Details Form. If you have been assigned this action you can also access this form from the link in the email that has been sent to you advising that you have been assigned this task.  

When the action has been completed, change the status of the task to “Action Completed”, if applicable.

In completing the task, if evidence has been added to a LOGIQC Register, eg. a procedure for responding to needle stick injuries has been added to the Document Register and it has been approved, you can link the relevant evidence to the Standard by clicking on the filed titled “Documents” and selecting the respective document from the list of documents.

  1. Click edit on the relevant Assessment Details Form.
  2. Then select the document in the “Document” field under the Evidence and examples section.



How to approve or close accreditation action tasks

The Quality Manager who has been assigned to manage the Standard is responsible for ensuring all accreditation action tasks associated with the Accreditation Details Forms have been completed to the satisfaction of the organisation and within required timeframes.

Following the completion of accreditation actions, they are also responsible for ensuring the description of “How the requirements are met” field and the linked evidence are accurately reflected on the Accreditation Details Form. While this is also a part of their responsibilities when reviewing the Standard requirements, the Accreditation Details Form, can be updated by the respective Quality Manager at any time.

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