Maintain filename when downloading documents

When documents are downloaded, they usually go to your downloads folder by default. This is controlled by your browser.

If the file already exists in the Downloads folder from previous downloads, the browser will change the name of the file by automatically adding “(1)”, “(2)”, etc. to the end of the filename rather than overwriting the existing file. This is standard behavior of most web browsers and it does not interfere with the LOGIQC document control information.

Unfortunately, LOGIQC cannot force the browser to manage these things. But the good news is that an extension can be added to a Google Chrome browser that overcomes this issue. It will simply overwrite the previously downloaded document and the filename is not altered in anyway.

You can find this extension at this link

Please note - This extension will need to be installed on each computer and depending on your network security settings, you may need your IT support staff to assist.

Also note, this is only a suggested tip and LOGIQC does not provide IT support for this feature.

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