October 18 release


Remove records category from contracts attach/records


Users no longer have to select a record category when attaching records to contracts. Attached records to contracts are not displayed in the records register so the category menu served no purpose.  



Trend report display


Improvements made to the display of larger number of items in the trend reports



Add comments field to contracts export


Comments made on the contract details form now display when exported to Excel



Calendar URL design improvement


Improvements made to usability feature to generate a link for the LOGIQC/Outlook calendar integration feature



Complaint upheld


Optional feature. When activated these two new fields appear on the Feedback approval form and also on the Excel export. The Complaint determination menu allows the item to be tagged as ‘complaint upheld’, ‘Not upheld’ or ‘na’.



Calculating milestone days


A range of milestone dates are now available when exporting the Feedback Closed tab.

1. Date approval officer approves/closes the item to the Feedback export file.

2. Date approval officer approves/closes the item to the Incident export file.

3. Final response date to the Feedback export file. Optional feature relating to LQD-1842



Add EqUIP 6 to the Accreditation module


The Accreditation Module has been updated to accommodate a number of EQuIP standards.

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