About Document size limit

The LOGIQC QMS platform has no upload limit for documents however there is a standard technology called IIS7 that most web servers implement which imposes a 30mb limit by default.

You will find that 30mb is a common limit for many websites that allow the uploading of files for general purpose sharing (with the exception of file sharing sites specifically designed for large files). You will also generally find that you are not able to email a 30mb file.

Our view is that files of such a large size are generally impractical for the user for everyday use and sharing as they require considerable computer resources to share and edit.

It can be worthwhile checking if the document needs to be so large. Often this happens because there may be image files within the document that are large in size. An example could be a logo that is 10mb in size when it only needs to be 500kb for viewing and printing. There are many techniques that can be used to reduce or compress file sizes and it is worth discussing these options with your internal IT department or provider.

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